A Trip to Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain​

We started our Taungoo trip from Mandalay in the early morning, playing Dhamma songs and Paritta Suttas on the way. The very first place of this marvelous trip was Than Taung Gyi Town which is famous for its Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain.


Being one of the hearts of Kayin State, Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain was 27 miles from Taungoo. Catching the sunrise at the top of the mountain is the reason that keeps the visitors drawn to this wonderful place. On the way, breathtaking scenery with fresh air made us stop for a moment and take some photos for memento of the trip.


There are 374 steps to the top of Naw Bu Baw Prayer Mountain which is over 4800 feet above the sea level. It is also a religious place for the Christians where many mythological legends were sleeping. So, it is advisable to take some rest, and use the restroom at the foot of the mountain before going up since there is no such facility at the top of the mountain.


When we arrived to the top, the picturesque sunrise with a sea of clouds refreshed us and we felt rejuvenated instantly. No wonder our service provider told us to get up earlier this morning; since there were not many visitors at the time, the place was so peaceful to pray Buddha as well as enjoy this wonderful moment utmost.


Myint Ko Ko Win

Tour Operator

Heritage Mandalay Travels