These Are The Best Trekking Routes in Myanmar – Part 2

Keng Tung

Tucked away from the main tourist radar, Kengtung boasts extraordinary scenery and cultural riches that you may not find elsewhere in Myanmar. Most of the travelers make their base in Kengtung town and do day trips to soak up the intimate interaction with Lahu, Akha, and La Mone tribes. All of these tribes are still living in their traditional way and animist. The visitors can also trek on the hill side and walking in the old village to see their authentic culture and way of life. Visiting Chinese temple, seeing monks collecting alms in the morning and the local market are the highlights that Kengtung offers after the trek to Hokyin Mountain.


Chin State

Chin State is located in North West of Myanmar bordering India and Bangladesh. The state is known as a mountainous region with astonishing viewing point for the surrounding areas. The travelers can trek in Chin State for surrounding areas as Kanpellet and Mindat.



Mindat is situated in Chin State, in Western Myanmar. It's difficult to get around without a tour guide. Here, you’ll find women with entrancing face tattoos. The dark ink covers their entire face in patterns. Trekking through these mountains these days will give you a glimpse of a unique way of life, as the tattooed women are no longer allowed to pass on this tradition. This part of Myanmar is remote and more difficult to get to, with the only way being by bus from Mandalay.


Mt. Victoria

Accessing the remote Mt. Victoria requires a long drive yet the experience is rewarding. It's a place to trek along the undulating path passing through a number of small villages, lush valleys and most importantly to see the unique Chin hill tribes who tattooed their faces in rich tradition. Another advantage of any trek to Chin state, home to Mt. Victoria is the weather. You will witness the mild, European like temperature around 22°F.


Putao and Himalaya Range

Putao is a small town located in the far north of Kachin State. The town is split half by the Namlang River and the tourists can see the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains in the far distance. The nature here are varies a lot due to different altitudes, however, it's mostly thick with subtropical forests, bamboo groves and sub-alpine species with veins of clear mountain creeks running through the valleys.


These valleys are surrounded by rugged hills which some are covered in thick jungle that will not be passable. Putao is also home for the highest mountain in South East Asia, Hkakabo Razi that rises up to 5,881 meters. This mountain has been conquered by only few mountaineers and the expedition takes at least one month.


Last but not least, there are countless of different treks and routes with different difficulty levels from few days to couple of weeks for the trekkers who want to accept hiking challenges in Putao. However, if they can encounter it, it is really a memorable experience in their tourism paths.


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