A Trip to Mt. Victoria

In the pretty morning, there is nothing but peace and pleasant sound of the Dhamma song. We start the Mt. Victoria trip from Mandalay. Luckily, we can see endemic bird species in person and the amazing view of the Sea Cloud in the Natmataung which is the highest mountain in the Chin State of western Myanmar and it is one of the ultra-prominent peaks of Southeast Asia with a high of 10,016 feet above the sea level. In the early evening, we arrive at the Kanpetlet Township. We lead to the Sky Palace Hotel in hotel zone where we stay comfortably.


After checking in the hotel, take a rest and also take a bath in order to get freshness by relaxing just moment for a long. And then, we have massive dinner at the hotel. After having dinner, we lead to Kanpetlet downtown to see the lightning festival in the full moon day of Thadingyut. We drive back to the hotel to take overnight with the chilly air coming from the mountain no need air condition. In the early morning, we prepare to see sunrise without having an early breakfast in case we should catch the amazing sunrise view come out from the running white cloud like a sea of the cloud. And then, we proceed to the top of the mountain by hiking for an hour.


On the way to the mountain, we take a group photo by feeling the wonder of nature and we see TaungZaLatt flower completely dominated the entire mountain ranges of Chin State. We lead to the base camp because it is the time for a lunch. After having lunch at the hotel, we lead to the Kanpetlet Township to see the daily life of the antique people who is the lady with flute and face tattooing famous around the world as the fascinating tradition.


Tour Leader give not only the information to learn about the taboo and tradition that is very polite to greet with the local people in there but also an explanation the history of this fascinating tradition that the women began tattooing their faces as a way of becoming ugly to the neighboring Burmese king to avoid being kidnapped.


This trip is very remarkable and enjoyable. On the way the trip, we see a lot of flower which all wild and scenic view of the Chin State. We are very lucky because we see the endemic bird species in Myanmar.


Myint Ko Ko Win

Tour Operator

Heritage Mandalay Travels