Loikaw Trip

We start the Loikaw Trip from Mandalay listening pleasing Dhamma Songs and ParittaSuttas in the sweet evening. This Trip is very marvelous trip because we see daily life, culture and tradition of the Karen and Kayah antique people in the Kayah State. On the way to Loikaw, we have an early breakfast at Shwe Owe local restaurant in PhaeKhone Township. Tour Leader give the information to learn some local languages such as ‘A Ba Ta Raw Ri=Mingalarpar/Ta Yay Ban = Thank You.’ It is very polite to greet with the local people. 


In the very good morning, we see the scenery view of the Loikaw City which is the capital of the Kayah State also the smallest state in Myanmar.  We can feel the authentic adventures trip with the greatest ethnic diversity in there.We lead to the Golden Hill hotel to give information for an early Check in the hotel near ThiyiMingalar Loikaw Myoma Market. When we get each room for the clients, we take a rest and take a nap for a couple of hours in order to get the freshness and also to rejuvenate our cells because we drove all night long without sleeping.


After taking a shower to get freshness, we lead to Demawso Local Market where we can go there only three days on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday in order to buy the souvenir of the Local People. And then, we proceed to the trip to Panpet Village where it has been carefully developed to minimize the negative impacts of tourism and maximize the benefits of tourism for locals by the state holder, public and service providers of the smokeless industry in order to see not only the daily life of the antique people and also the handicraft making such as traditional bracelets and costume. We can also see the local people famous around the world as the long neck Karen being in hand weaving cottage industry by hiking round about half an hours. Their long-neck tradition is in fact gradually dying out but gradually, only older women who are in some rural areas kindly wear the rings.


After shopping the souvenir just for the remembrance in the Panpet Local Market when the weather is very charming and fine, we have lunch at the Markopolo Local Restaurant nearby NgweTaung Dam. And then, we lead to the ‘Kan 7 Sint’ at there the clients take a rest with the fresh air against the bright sun light and coach master take a nap with the fresh air why he would like to get the energy to give the good services for the clients. We drive to the Htee Pwint Lake which is the mud volcanic lake also landmark of the Kayah State.


In the beautiful evening, we lead to the TaungKwe Pagoda which is very interesting pagoda sitting at the different levels on the hilltop not only for seeing the sunset beauty offering panoramic views of the distant plainness hills and mountains but also for paying homage to the replica Buddha Image situated at the top of the hill. We drive back to the hotel and lovely overnight at there.


After having breakfast at the hotel, we lead to see the sighting another interesting places in Loikaw such as Kyat Cave, HteeSaeKhar and Lawpita Hydroelectric Industry. We apply the permit with NRC card copy for the entrance to see the Lawpita Hydroelectric Industry. In the second days of sightseeing, firstly, we drive to Kyat Cave where we can be seen the broken wooden boxes that are believed to be coffins from many years ago located ten miles away from Loi Kaw. And then, we lead to HteeSaeKhar waterfall which is lovely situated near Shan and Kayah border where we take a group photo just for remembrance. We are leading back to Loikaw City in order to see the Lawpita Hydroelectric Industry why we would like to know how it operate to be an electricity by sending to the urban centers Yangon and Mandalay via two high voltage transmission lines. When we across the military gate, we left the National Registration Card for the security.


This trip is very enjoyable because service provider give very good travel services for the clients satisfying.


Myint Ko Ko Win

Tour Operator

Heritage Mandalay Travels