The Most Thrilling Adventure Activities in Myanmar

If you’re a fun and adventure loving person the Myanmar will be the best destination for you on your next tour. Myanmar is not just a country of architecture, tradition, culture, and sculpture but it is a country of nature’s goodness and adventures. You can explore Myanmar and visit different places in Myanmar while riding a bike. From the northernmost village of Putao to the southernmost reaches of the Mergui Archipelago, here’s Myanmar’s ultimate adventure guide for the ultimately adventurous traveler.


Hiking the Himalayan Landscape of Putao

The draw of Putao in Kachin State is its pure elusiveness. Very few travelers have experienced this spectacularly jagged Himalayan landscape. Hiking is what brings most tourists here. However, trekking near this northernmost settlement in Myanmar is much more expensive and challenging than other routes.


Scenic Whitewater Rafting in Kachin State

Whitewater rafting is a newcomer to Myanmar’s more extreme excursions. Try a one-day rafting and trekking combo just outside of Putao for approximately US$100 per person. Gorgeous sections of the Mula Creek and Malikha River can be explored. Rapids in Kachin State are mostly for intermediate rafters and multi-day trips are possible.


Bike around the ancient city of Bagan

Taking an electric scooter to speed by Bagan’s templed terrain might be faster, but biking around Myanmar’s most famous ancient city is the more untrammeled approach to getting intimate with its history. Mornings and before sunset are the best times to pedal—both for cooler temperatures and marvelously lit views that are iconically Bagan.


Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake in Shan State

It's a popular way to experience the agricultural side of Shan State. Extraordinarily breathtaking scenery will join for the entire trip. Hikes usually take three days to complete and there are various pathways that cut through fields filled with anything from rice to tea. The steepest part of the journey is right outside of Kalaw.


Ascend new heights in Hpa-An, Myanmar

Picturesque Hpa-An promises a variety of rock climbing routes between moderate and expert-level (5.9 to 5.12). One of the main sites, approximately 10 miles out of the city, is located near Bayin Nyi Cave. Bayin Nyi is a Buddhist temple complex built on a karst formation—Hpa-An’s signature look.


Discover Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago—the world’s dreamiest of destinations

Spend afternoons bobbing about hundreds of unexplored islands. Dive into incredibly diverse coral reefs. Swim with astonishing underwater life. See what’s so beautifully enchanting about Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago. Go indulgent and book a sailing or a diving tour.


Sea kayak off of Myanmar’s southern tip

After spending hours lounging Andaman seaside, hop on a sea kayak, go hiking, island-hop or go snorkeling. This private island and resort combo mixes the comforts of modernity with the lavishness of paradise. Nyaung Oo Phee Island is one of several tropical getaways off Myanmar’s southernmost coastline. Guests can stay in bungalow-style tents surrounded by bright blue hues of pristine ocean. Make this an adventuresome yet relaxing last stop on your ultimate adventure trip in Myanmar!