Ywar Ngan – Pindaya Trip

We started the trip in the very good early morning when the weather was fine. On the way to Ywar Ngan, we had an early breakfast at the “Htun Thit Sa” local tea shop in Kyaukse.


Kyaukse is a town and capital of Kyaukse District in Mandalay Region. It is famous for the Kyaukse Elephant Dance, sustained by a new generation of dancers for the tradition and custom. The marvelous elephant dance is performed by two persons, wearing colorful elephant costume, and dancing (in rhythm) in a life-size Elephant figure made of bamboo and paper.


The lovely river named Zawgyi was flowing from Myogyi Dam near the Elephant Head Mountain where was an admirable background view taking the group photos with the fresh air of this stream. At the top of the mountain which is over four thousand feet above the sea level, we could have a chance to enjoy the picturesque mountain view with running clouds.


Then, we continued our trip to Ywar Ngan while listening pleasing Danu and Shan songs along the way. As soon as we arrived at Ywar Ngan, we paid homage to Shwe Pwint Lin Ancient Pagoda near Sein Yao So local restaurant. After having lunch at the Danu tradition local restaurant, Sein Yao So, we drove to the Genius coffee shop, which is famous for their own organic coffee plantation, to have a cup of fresh after-lunch coffee.


After that, we arrived to the blue pond, also called Mya-Tha-Bait-Yay-Pyar-Aing. Despite of the scientific fact of some chemical in the soil, local people believe that the water is in blue color because of some treasure such as emerald bowl buried under the lake by angles. Legendary is that the angels kept the emerald bowl to donate it to the future Arimaitreya Buddha, who will bring enlightenment and wisdom to all of us.


The tour leader gave us a briefing about the location of the rest room, things we shouldn’t do – not to litter to the pond including the bread for the fish. The water of the pond was so clear that we could see the fishes swimming peacefully around the branches of the trees at the floor of the pond.


We then moved on to the Forest Star waterfall, in Burmese Taw-Kyal Yae-Ta-Gon where the waterfall as well as the blue pond have been looking after by the near monastery where we can take the rest room and that your contribution was welcome.


After fifteen minutes driving, we were here to ‘Main Ma Ye Taung’, Brave Women Hill. Tour Leader came up with about that we should use the restroom for the health located on the foot of the hill before getting upstairs that it had over 190 steps to reach at the top of the hill in which we could get a nice view to take photos. And then, we drove to the Pindaya Cave where it is smokeless zone and also it has a length is 490 feet long and 8,094 Buddha Statue in the registrations.


After one hour driving, we saw the Pindaya Cave in person luckily. Every small corner and nook of the cave was cramped with Buddha Images up to the ceiling. After paying homage and donation money and gold leaf as we would like to give the best things to our Lord Buddha, we took a photo where in front of the cave entrance was the huge Spider Sculpture and a Prince aiming his bow at it. In there, there were so many mythological legendaries about the ‘Thudanu’ Royal Prince and Seven Angels from the Silver Mountain Country. The Pindaya cave is an important travelling site for the local pilgrimage and also for the tourists.


We bought the souvenir in order to give the neighbor as the remembrance present of the Shan State. Pone Taloke Lake was another attraction at the Pindaya. On the way to this tip, we saw a lot of flower which were all wild and seasonal flowers in the Shan State. We were very lucky because we came across lots of beautiful scenery in which was full of yellow because it was the time for sunflowers.


In this trip, the clients were very satisfied by the service provider being in the tourism field while they saw the various kind of admirable scenery view and enjoyed the nature of the good weather.


Myint Ko Ko Win

Tour Operator

Heritage Mandalay Travels


Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyaukse